The Wooden Spoon specializes in consulting, recipe development and testing, educational seminars and workshops, food writing.

Here are some of the ideas what we can do for you:


Informative workshops for small groups on a variety of food topics.

Examples of workshops:

  • All you wanted to know about beets – learn about this vibrant root vegetable, it’s health benefits and how to incorporate it into your daily diet.

  • Potato history – learn about the history and agriculture of this ubiquitous food item. You’ll never look the same way at your common potato anymore.

  • Russian Tea drinking tradition – learn about the traditions and customs of the tea in one of the largest tea-drinking countries in the world. You will learn about traditional table setting, typical accompaniments and brewing technique.

  • Soups – learn about different types of soups, basic techniques and create your own unique recipe from scratch.

  • Tea tasting – learn about different varieties of teas, how they are made and their health benefits. Tasting of various samples is included.

  • Whole grains master class – learn about different types of whole grains and their benefits and make your own kasha - traditional Russian dish from various types of whole grains.

We can also cover a variety of other curious food topics to make a custom-tailored workshop fit for your needs and interests.


  • Recipes in action - Learn how to prepare a dish in a fun and interactive setting. Basic kitchen skills and preparation of tasty and healthy European-style foods.

  • Special classes for teens and older children – Learn those essential cooking skills and make your own food.

Ask us about other foods and recipes that you would like to learn more about and we’ll develop a special cooking class just for you!


A one-on-one session, discussing your usual daily menu and making healthy adjustments and substitutions to fit your tastes. We can provide guidance and help you on your way to achieving healthier and happier lifestyle.


Freelance article writing, book writing. Special interest in food history, cultural aspects of ethnic cuisine development.


Informative workshops at your office for groups. Tips on healthy eating, sample tasting, wide range of topics that can be custom-tailored to your needs and interests.


Creative approach to recipe development and testing.


We have a particular interest in low protein cooking. The Wooden Spoon offers hands on workshops and tutorials on preparation of delicious low protein foods and basic low protein cooking skills. Food demo options are possible as well.

We will be happy to customize our service to your particular needs and interests.